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Different types of counselling
| for clients

How do you choose between the many types of counselling and psychotherapy that are out there? Sometimes you might feel that you're being expected to be an expert before you even embark on therapy. All roads lead to Rome, and whatever approach your counsellor uses, you may well end up focussing on the same underlying issues. However ... Read More »

Confidentiality - the limits on what you can expect in counselling
| for clients

Counsellors treat client dislosures as confidential, but they can't promise complete confidentiality in all circumstances When counsellors make a contract with the client, there are normally three exceptions to the provision of confidentiality, in the following circumstances: If required to by law; In relation to their own supervision; or Where there is a risk of ... Read More »

How do you know you're getting counselling?
| for clients

How do you know you're getting counselling? Seems like an odd question but many people go in for counselling and psychotherapy without knowing what to expect. If you're new to therapy, then it's important to be able to recognise what constitutes an appropriate and professional service. Here are some common characteristics. We use the ... Read More »

Your Support Network
| for clients

People tend to find that they cope better with situations and enjoy life more if they have the support of family and friends. So reviewing your informal support network can be a useful exercise to check that you have support available for when you need it. Your informal support networks are the personal ties you have with others. Friends, relatives and ... Read More »

Boundaries - the invisible lines that keep us safe
| for clients

Boundaries are the limits you set on what you will allow and on how you relate to others. They are “invisible lines” that separate the participants in a relationship and allow them to take responsibility for their lives, respect others, and to meet their obligations. Your boundaries are how you keep yourself physically and emotionally safe, so it's very important to ... Read More »

Choosing a counsellor
| for clients

Trying to decide which counsellor to engage can feel confusing. Often people looking for counselling aren't experienced at understanding what to expect or what different approaches are available. So what should you think about when choosing a counsellor? Are they fully trained and qualified? In the UK a qualified therapist ... Read More »

Being verbally assertive - the Stuck Record technique
| for clients

The stuck record technique involves repeating what you want, calmly and respectfully, without going on the defensive and without giving justifications. It involves being persistent and sticking to the point, politely repeating what you want. Are you old enough to remember LPs? When scratched, the needle could get stuck in one groove and the same part ... Read More »

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